01 July 2014

Up-date for security situation in Timor Leste: National stability attempt in the beginning of 2014

ETLJB 01/07/2014 - (From Fundasaun Mahein 10/01/2014) Mahein Foundation is a civil society organization which is makes its legal profession by monitoring and doing research for the security and defense issues in terms of politic, legislation and funds for security and defense institution in Timor-Leste. In the beginning of the New Year Mahein Foundation will make a study concerning violence and crime cases that happened during Christmas 2013 and New Year 2014 periods.

After Christmas’ holidays 2013 and New Year 2014. Mahein Foundation will continue to monitor for security safety in Timor-Leste generally. Mahein Foundation’s monitoring has gathered problems that happened during Christmas and New Year periods particularly crime and violence cases. Based on the study has described such following cases that are people killed each other, young people attacked each other and also against police including unknown people who attacked some police members. It means that various crime and violence cases occurred during Christmas and New Year holidays which is considering as a national stability attempt for 2014 even though those cases are in small levels.

Such security problems that happening in the beginning of Christmas and New Year periods are, on 29 Decembers 2013 in Baucau,Baguia sub-district a PNTL member sergeant Armindo da Cruz was attacked by unknown people. A young man killed by PNTL in Balibo on 3 January 2013. Unknown people killed a young man in Becora Bridge on 4 January 2014. And some police member who threatened some young people with pistol in Bobonaro district and other cases are physical aggression in Dili city during Christmas and New Year periods.

Mahein Foundation’s analyses that, those (crimes and violence) cases which is happening in the beginning of 2014 is the causes of social injustice, which is shown big weakness of the security area. Late of Justice Process as well as weak application of the law itself will provoke tension of the conflict becomes reality. Those (Crime and violence) cases that always occurred have provoked authorities to pay attention for. However the competent authorities do not pay maximum attention for those cases and the prevention mechanism that goes very slow and still fail.

Those (crime and violence) acts that happening in the beginning of 2014 is like a step of chance by starting violence and crime for this (2014) new period in the future. If leaders of the nation and the security authorities do not make adequate prevention it will create very complexity problems in the future. The problems become high if we do not resolve the current problems that are happening.

Mahein Foundation’s point of view is needed to make security evaluation periodically and regularly for the security situation as well as performance of security authors particularly PNTL-F-FDTL members to maintain duties professionally based on democratic values. Source: http://www.fundasaunmahein.org/2014/01/09/up-date-siguransa-iha-timor-leste-tentativa-estabilidade-nasional-hahu-2014/

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