03 October 2011

Community protests government's resumption of land for power plant

Map showing location of Betano in Manufahi District
East Timor Legal News 03/10/2011 Source: Timornewsline September 30, 2011 Power plant in Betano is for national interest, says Govrnment - MP Aderito Hugo da Costa said that the establishment of power plant in Betano is in the national interest to benefit the people.

MP da Costa said the plant would have 130 megawatts providing electricity for the people who are living in the southern part of Timor-Leste.

Da Costa made the statements about the local residents in the area who are protesting the government's appropriation of their land for establishing a power plant there.

"I am calling on the all people of the country to cooperate with the Government in order to give space for the Government for better developing this country," MP da Costa said.

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