14 October 2011

Headlines 5 Years Ago Today

East Timor Legal News Source: United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste Media Review Saturday 14 Oct 2006

Shooting Between F-FDTL-PNTL Result of Manipulation
STL reported in a separate article that during his visit to Becora, Prime Minister Ramos-Horta told community members currently taking refuge in the nuns’ compound, that F-FDTL and PNTL had harmonious ties but they were destroyed by some members of the government. Ramos-Horta said the shooting between the two institutions was the result of manipulations. He said he is not certain who is responsible. The Prime Minister said the government is now working hard to restore the PNTL, adding once all the United Nations police are on the ground and the screening of PNTL officers is complete, permanent posts will be established in the entire neighbourhood. (STL)

Ximenes-Longuinhos Ready To Try Authors of Crisis
President of the Appeals Court and the Prosecutor General made a joint statement on Friday (13/10) saying that the court is ready to process the authors of the crisis based on recommendations of the report of the Independent Special Commission of Enquiry. Ximenes said their statement is based on Timor-Leste’s Constitution and it is the competence of the Public Ministry to take penal actions if there is evidence against the accused of any alleged crimes. He told the media that the court would then proceed and make a decision on the case in an objective and impartial manner according to the law and facts.

On the same occasion, Prosecutor-General, Longuinhos Monteiro, appealed to Major Alfredo Reinado and his group to return to prison, as the court decision on their recapture is still valid. Monteiro refused to comment whether he has been in telephone contact with Alfredo but STL reports that Monteiro and Brigadier Mick Slater met with him near Alas, Manufahi District. The contents of the discussion have not been revealed.

Meanwhile, Tomas Pinto, military political analyst said the UN must provide security to the judges to proceed with the cases of those responsible for the crisis. Pinto added that it is important that the judges work in an environment free of terror. (TP, STL, DN)

Man Stabbed To Death
A 50-year-old man living in the IDP camp opposite Obrigado Barracks, Caicoli, was fatally stabbed by an unknown person while returning from church on Sunday. According to Timor Post, Benjamin was walking towards Obrigado Barracks after attending the morning mass when he was stabbed. UNPOL police closed the area for about two hours, reported TP. (TP)

CNE Will Have Own Budget: Pessoa
The Minister of State, Ana Pessoa said the National Electoral Commission (CNE) will have its own budget but legislation first needs to be established for the Commission to proceed with its work. Pessoa said that there are no problems with STAE, noting it has started its work. She added that the focus now would be on CNE. The Minister of Justice Domingos Sarmento is of the opinion that the votes must be assembled in the districts for counting, adding that the decision would be from the Parliament. (TP)

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