14 October 2011

Government socialises three decree laws in Oe-Cusse

Map showing location of Oe-Cusse-Ambeno District of East Timor
East Timor Legal News 14 Oct 2011 Source: East Timor Government -  MoTCI carries through an awareness activity in Oe-Cusse Ambeno for three Decree-Laws - 22 September 2011 The Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry (MoTCI), through the Food and Economic Inspection from the National Directorate for the Tourism and Domestic Commerce and in cooperation with the Local Authority, the PNTL and the business persons of the Oe-Cusse district, carried out an awareness campaign on three Decrees that regulate this Ministry’s program, decree-laws already approved by the Council of Ministers and promulgated by the President of the Republic.

The three above-mentioned Decree-Laws are: Decree-Law No 24/2011 on the Licensing of Commercial Activities, Decree-Law No. 7 / 2009 on the Regulation of Restaurants and Similar Establishments and Decree-Law No 23/2009 on the Regime for Administrative Offences against the Economy and Food Security.

At the opening ceremony, Florentina Smith, as the Inspector-General who heads the Food and Economic Inspection (portuguese acronym IAE), highlighted the need for clarification of the Decree-Law towards the programs, procedures and powers of IAE, in order to make the participants aware and knowledgeable of this law and avoid any doubts in this regard.

Florentina Smith took this opportunity to address the local tradesmen, encouraging them to intensify their activities, guided by the regulations established by the Government, in order to prevent the authorities applying sanctions when rules are breached.

Regarding the authorization for commercial activities, Domingos Guterres, as representative of the National Directorate for Domestic Commerce and Tourism, stated: "The aim of this diploma has to do with the establishment of rules related to access to business activity and contribution to the development and modernization of existing business infrastructure and also the protection of free competition between traders and the safeguarding of consumer rights, governed by this law".

Referring to the regulation of Restaurants and Trade Establishments and Similar Establishments, Carmen Joela, clarified that the law needs to regulate the creation of the restaurants in order to protect consumers and preserve the quality of the menus: "This decree-law aims to draw attention to the issue of hygiene, the environment, as it increases the credibility of the potential tourism, based on rules that govern such activities".

In regards to the regime applied to administrative infractions concerning Economic and Food Security, the Technical Advisor to the IAE, AbĂ­lio Serreno, referred the Decree-Law No. 23/2009 as an established norm for the prevention of economic offenses, particularly offenses that pose a risk to safety, health and food hygiene.

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