14 March 2013

CPD-RDTL members suspected of committing sexual abuse

ETLJB 14 March 2013 - Some members of the dissident political group, CPD-RDTL, are suspected of committing sexual abuse of a woman in Welaluhu, Fatuberlio according to a FRETILIN member of the national Parliament, Eladio Faculto. The MP told a plenary session of the parliament on 13 March 2013 that a video had been discovered which shows a group of men having sexual intercourse with a woman.

Timor Post reported the MP's comments in the National Parliament on 12 March 2013 adding that "I know that CPD-RDTL members have no intention to do such an act, but individuals who commit this should be processed according to the existing law," Eladio made the comments during plenary session at the House of the Parliament yesterday.

Meanwhile, according to the State Secretary for Promotion and Gender Equality, Idelta Maria Rodrigues, while  gender development in Timor-Leste has been improving, the domestic violence statistics showed that 38% of women are suffering from domestic violence and are physically maltreated by their spouses and partners. 

Ms. Idelta called on the State of Timor-Leste support and guarantee laws which combat domestic violence in the country.

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Sources: Timor Post 12/03/2013 and Diario Nacional 12/03/2013. Edited by Warren L. Wright

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