21 March 2013

Government Resolution of 25 February 2013 on CPD-RDTL

ETLJB 21/03/2013 There follows the text of the resolution of the Government of East Timor regarding the dissident political group, CPD-RDTL. It was resolved at an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers on 25 Febraury 2013.

The V Constitutional Government met extraordinarily on Monday 25 February 2013 at the meeting room of the Council of Ministers, Government Palace, Dili, having approved the following Government Resolution on CPD-RDTL:

Since late last year, public order and security, including the well-being and property of the local
population, have been negatively affected in certain areas of Manufahi district, more precisely in

At stake are unlawful actions carried out by CPD-RDTL group. Such actions include the occupation of private, public, as well as community land. Complaints were also received regarding commitment of crimes (such as theft, extortion and violations) in clear disrespect for human rights and for the laws in force in the country. His Excellency the President of the Republic already requested the Government to pay a special attention to this issue.

To this effect, the Council of Ministers, upon consulting the Secretary of State for Security and the PNTL General Commander, and following a thorough analysis of the situation and its implications, decided to instruct the Ministry of Defense and Security to, through PNTL, (in compliance with the relevant legislation, notably the law that regulates the use of force): adopt every measure considered to be adequate for the reestablishment of social peace and for protecting the local population, their property and means of survival; prevent the likely worsening of the security situation caused by the unlawful occupation of lands by the CPD-RDTL group; and take the necessary measures aimed at preventing the occurrence of such situations in other parts of the country.

The Government respects all the Veterans who fought for the liberation of Timor-Leste, but demands that there be respect for the History of Liberation and for the laws of the country, which cannot be overstepped by anybody, not even by those who consider themselves, or are considered, to be national heroes.

Thus, in accordance with the Constitution, which grants the Government the competence to ensure
internal security, the Executive has the duty to ensure that the Timor-Leste National Police (PNTL), under its mandate, take the measures deemed necessary to reestablish constitutional normalcy and public order. Source: Presidency of the Council of Ministers V Constitutional Government Press Release 25 February 2013. Edited by Warren L. Wright

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