19 March 2013

President commends work by the Prosecutor-General

ETLJB 19 March 2013 Dili, 15 March 2013: H.E. the President of the Republic today inaugurated the new premises of the Public Prosecutor of the Republlic in Dili. President Taur Matan Ruak said in his remarks that “it is with satisfaction that I preside in the inauguration of this new facility of the Dili District Prosecution Office.” The Head of State added that the better working conditions it offers “should contribute to a better organisation and greater productivity in the work developed by the District Prosecution Office and by the Public Prosecution Service as a whole.”

H.E. the President also praised the services that the Public Prosecutor in Dili has been developing in recent years: “ Steps towards the Timorisation of the staff. Today, the Public Prosecution Service has 17 Timorese prosecutors from a total of 21 prosecutors with direct responsibility over investigations.”

The Head of State highlighted the importance of transparency in the functioning of public services and used this occasion to praise the action of the Prosecutor General of the Republic, Dr. Ana Pessoa, who is ending her mandate now, and thanked her for the work done during the past four years.

“I take this opportunity to thank her for her commitment and dedication to the development of the work of the Office of the Prosecutor General over the last 4 years. The Prosecutor -General recently produced and submitted a detailed activity report. “

Referring to who will replace Dr. Ana Pessoa, the President stressed in his speech that currently there are preparations to appoint a next Prosecutor ]General.

“This process is about choosing just one from all the prosecutors and requires thought and serenity. It is not an easy task since we fortunately have several prosecuters with the required profile. I will give it my full consideration and choose the best to head the Public Prosecution Service to manage the Prosecution Office, taking into account solely the interest of the institutions and of the country.”

H.E. the President also highlighted in his speech the importance of the Judiciary to the economic development of Timor -Leste “Entrepreneurs and investors, whether national or international, need a system that is respected, efficient and credible in order to strengthen confidence to develop economic projects, create jobs and attain improvement of the wellbeing and quality of life of our society. “

Presidente Matan Ruak closed is remarks saying that: “It is in our hands – and in your hands – to work together, to strengthen the Office of the Prosecutor, the judiciary system, and to build a better and more secure country.” Source: Office of the President of the Republic Press Release 15/03/2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

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