19 March 2013

Government launches Emergency Call Number 115

ETLJB 19 March 2013 - The Secretariat of State for Security, through the National Directorate of Civil Protection (DNPC), took advantage of the International Civil Protection Day, which was commemorated on 1 March at the National Operational Coordination Centre in Caicoli, to launch the Emergency Call Number 115.

As clarified by Domingos Pinto, the Director of DNPC, “the Emergency Call Number 115, officially launched to the public today, may be of help to the community because it allows anyone to contact the civil protection services on a 24-hour basis should there be an incident in their residences or in other places.”

The Director called upon the community to use this emergency call number in a responsible manner, for those resorting to it are in need of assistance for certain situations they may find themselves in, such as fire, fall of trees, inundations and other accidents. Government of East Timor Press Release 04/03/2013. Edited by Warren L. Wright

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