14 March 2013

Teacher stabs student in head with pencil

ETLJB 14 March 2013 - An East Timorese teacher has been charged after allegedly stabbing a student in the head with a pencil.

Diario Nacional reported on 12 March 2013 that the teacher, who has been named as Armindo da Costa and who is currently teaching at Hera Public School is suspected of stabbing his student named Walter Agostinho Boavida Freitas with a pencil causing the student's head to bleed.

It is alleged that the teacher stabbed the student because the student did not write his full name during a lesson.

This case has been reported to the police and has been filed by the Public Prosecutor for legal proceedings.
On Monday (11/3) the case was tried in the Dili District Court. Source: Diario Nacional. Edited by Warren L. Wright

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