19 June 2014

JSMP to Launch Report on Children's Access to Formal Justice in Timor-Leste and a Unit dedicated to Women and Children's Justice

ETLJB 19/06/2014 - Children's right to access justice makes children's other human rights a reality. Access to justice for children means that children must be able to use and trust the legal system to protect their human rights. In Timor-Leste, there are still great obstacles to the realisation of children's right to access justice.

JSMP is launching a report - Children's Access to Formal Justice in Timor-Leste- A Status Report – which aims to provide an analysis of children's right to access the formal justice system in Timor-Leste, encompassing all points of contact that children have with the formal justice system. Its objective is to identify and assess the extent of the problems affecting the realisation of this right as well as to identify possible measures to address those problems. It is expected that findings and recommendations from this report will inform relevant stakeholders in the development of long-term intervention strategies in the area of child justice.

This report was produced with generous support from UNICEF and Australian Aid.

Recognising the importance of children's justice matters, JSMP has also decided to expand the scope of its Women's Justice Unit to include children’s justice. Thus, JSMP will also launch its new Women and Children's Justice Unit. Source: JSMP Press Release 03/06/2014

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