25 June 2014

Timor-Leste's Prosecutor General proposes criminalisation of incest to Ministry of Justice

ETLJB 25/06/2014 -ETLJB has been compiling reports on cases of incest in East Timor for several years. Below are some of those reports. Now, a news article has again raised the issue of incest. According to an English translation of an article published in Tetum in The Dili Weekly yesterday (24 June 2014), Timor-Leste's Prosecutor-General, Jose Ximenes said that last year the prosecutor general's office submitted a proposed amendment to the criminal code to the Ministry of Justice especially to add an article to criminalise incest because neither the criminal code nor the anti domestic violence law does so.

He added that the problem of incest was a very grave problem that needed serious a attention because it affected the credibility and dignity of the nation, one that has a Catholic religious majority.

He said that the the criminal code does contain and article criminalising sexual assault but if it is with consent then it is not a crime so the issue of incest needs a solution by amending the criminal code.

"I have a mandate as the prosecutor general to discuss with legal bodies regarding the need to amend the criminal code to add an article criminalising incest where consent is not an element making it a crime whether there is consent or not involved," said Prosecutor General Ximenes when he participated in a ceremony to launch the annual report of the the organisation for legal aid for children and women (ALFELA) at Vila verde in Dili.

He added that the Prosecutor General of the Republic did not have the power to initiate legislation and only the National Parliament and the government can initiate this legislation, but added that he has still not obtained a response on the submission made to the ministry of justice.

"We also ask the members of the national parliament to pay attention to this a issue," he asked. Source: The Dili Weekly. 

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