09 June 2017

Government of East Timor holds Expo on Reforms

Minister of State and of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and

Official Spokesperson for the Government of Timor-Leste

 Dili, June 6th, 2017

Government holds Expo on Reforms

On the 5th of June an expo was held to highlight progress made in implementing reforms that have been a key pillar of the Program of the Sixth Constitutional Government. The expo allowed guests, including media, academics and NGOs, to get an update on achievements and challenges in the areas of economic reform, fiscal reform, reform of the public administration and legislative reform, and to interact directly with leaders in an open and free flowing dialogue.

Minister of State Agio Pereria said “At the heart of the reforms are two central goals; to create the best possible environment to ensure the sustainable development of the nation and to improve the quality and efficient delivery of public services.” He explained that “Although some of these reforms appear to be technical in nature, we neglect them at our own peril. The right legislation, structures and systems are essential for our successful development journey. This Government, in a short time, has undertaken vital actions to properly lay foundations essential for our national progress.”

Actions presented in the area of economic reform included the reorganization and strengthening of TradeInvest, the pursuit of World Trade Organization and ASEAN membership, and the establishment of the Trade Facilitation Committee and National Coffee Association. The development of a National Tourism Policy and National Policy for Civil Aviation, sector regulations such as the Mining and Forestry Code, and laws such as the Private Investment Law, the Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation Law, and the Special Regime on the Ownership of Immovable Property, were all highlighted as key actions undertaken to create the environment required for economic diversification and sustainable growth.

Actions in Fiscal Reform included the establishment of a new Tax Authority, a new Customs Authority and the ongoing development of a National Single Window for trade facilitation. Legislation introduced during the mandate of the government, along with the introduction of modernized systems and investment into up-skilling personnel, is taking the concept of “more domestic revenue and better trade” from “wishful thinking” into a reality. Fiscal reforms seek to secure Timor-Leste’s sustainable future by ensuring diverse sources of revenue with a goal to create the conditions necessary to increase domestic revenue to $450 million annually by 2020.

Actions in the area of Public Administration were undertaken in line with the four pillars of the Public Administration Reform Guide to ensure Institutional Strengthening, Strengthening of the Civil Service, Reform and Training of the National Institute of Public Administration and reinforcement of the control of the State Inspectorate. Implementation has required the restructuring of organizations, the writing and approval of necessary legislation, and the planning and implementation of training. The reform leader said these changes were to ensure a more sustainable, efficient and effective public sector, that is more responsible, which promotes gender equality, is more transparent and productive.

Finally, actions presented by the Legislative Reform and Justice Sector Commission included consultation and analysis undertaken to produce a series of reports on issues such as the Methodology for examining the status of Legislation, Analysis of the Legislative Process of the Government, Formal and Informal Justice in Timor-Leste, and the Legal Framework for Commercial Activity. The commission has also produced an agenda and program for legislative reform and the justice sector to fulfill its mandate to issue recommendations, evaluate the implementation of laws and help to harmonize legislation.

Spokesperson, Minister of State Agio Pereira, noted “Reforms undertaken by this Government have resulted in changes that are already benefitting our country whilst helping to create the environment required for our future success. What has been achieved in a little over two years will be a proud legacy of the Sixth Constitutional Government. The energy, professionalism and commitment that has lead to these achievements must now continue so that what has been implemented can be consolidated and extended in the months and years to come.”ENDS etljb

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