24 November 2018

Acting Minister of Interior on Police: Too many things have gone wrong, many errors in PNTL

Independente, November 22, 2018 Language source: Tetun Acting Minister of Interior, Filomeno Paixão recognises there are many errors in the Timorese National Police (PNTL) Command, therefore, it is a mission of the new Minister of Interior to improve the PNTL Command service.

He said a reflection on PNTL Service throughout this time showed that there were many things that needed to be done.

“There are too many things that have gone wrong,” Acting Minister Paixão told reporters after participating in the funeral of three dead victims of police fatal shooting in Becusi Cemetery Wednesday (21/11).

He added he could not promise, but there was hope with the new government in office to fix it and make PNTL more professional.

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