24 November 2018

Court sends main suspects in Kulu-Hun fatal shooting to preventive prison

Independente, November 22, 2018 Language source: Tetun Dili District Court has sent the two main suspects in the Kulu-Hun fatal shooting with initials JPA and FMS to preventive prison and put two others JT and JS under house arrest on Wednesday.

The suspects are police officers who allegedly opened fire and killed three young men and seriously wounded five people at a party in Kuluhun, Dili on Sunday morning. 

In the first hearing on Tuesday, Prosecutor charged the suspects with multiple felony counts including aggravated murder and attempted murder and demanded preventive prison to two main suspects of the fatal shooting to wait for further investigation and trials. 

Through the second hearing, yesterday, the singular judge, Jacinta Fernandes decided to send JPA and FMS to preventive prison and JS and JT under house arrest. 

The judge denied FMS’ lawyer Estaquio Guterres’ demand to only put his client under periodic report to wait for further investigation and trials, saying putting FMS under periodic report might put him in danger because of the unfavorable circumstances.

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