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13 January 2019

Academics call on President of the Republic not to veto 2019 OJE

Academics call on President of the Republic not to veto 2019 OJE GMN Diario Nacional, January 10, 2019 Language source: Tetun

Academics have called on President of the Republic Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo not to veto 2019 State Budget (OJE) Proposal, saying the veto will worsen the current economic situation due to protracted political deadlock.

Academic representatives from Universidade da Paz (UNPAZ), Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL), Institute of Business (IOB), Dili Institute of Technology (DIT), UNITAL, and UNDIL made the call in a meeting with President Lu-Olo on Wednesday (09/01).

“We pleaded with the President of the Republic not to veto 2019 OJE and warn him of the impacts of the veto upon Timorese people and President said he would considers all the inputs when making decision to 2019 OJE,” Academics’ spokesperson, Lucas Da Costa told reporters outside Presidential Palace after meeting with President Lu-Olo.

He said a 1-year political impasse had left many small companies shutdown their activities and also many Timorese jobless as there were no projects throughout 2018. Early this week, former President of the Republic, Jose Ramos Horta had also warned of a prolonged economic crisis if President of the Republic vetoed 2019 State Budget.

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