17 January 2019

State bodies’ arrogance puts Timor-Leste in economic crisis

State bodies’ arrogance puts Timor-Leste in economic crisis Suara Timor Lorosae, January 15, 2019 Language source: Tetun

Arrogance of Timor-Leste’s state bodies has put Timor-Leste in economic crisis since 2017 and if the situation continues, then it would worsen the current economic crisis and people would continue suffering.

Academic from Institute of Business, Pedro Ximenes said Timor-Leste’s economy had stood still since 2017 due to political impasse and if the government, national parliament, and president of the republic kept it up, then Timorese people would suffer and be victims of political arrogance.

“If the National Parliament, the Government and President of the Republic continue this game, it will make the economy in the country worst and people will continue to suffer and the economy of the country has stood still for two years,” Ximenes told STL on Friday.

Ximenes made the comments amid growing anxiety over 2019 State Budget disapproval by President of the Republic as the hearing cycle is coming to an end. Ximenes said the state leaders needed to put aside their differences and uphold people’s interest to resolve the current impasse.

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