23 October 2012

Anti-Corruption Commission trained by Police

ETLJB 23 October 2012 - Investigators from the East Timor Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) participated in a three-day joint operations training with the police in Bobonaro last week

The joint-training was led directly by PNTL General Commander Longuinhos Monteiro and was assisted by several national police instructors from the Crime Investigation Service, Border Patrol, Maritime Unit and three other special police units: Special Operation Group, Public Order Battalion and Close Protection Police as well as CAC advisers.

According to a  CAC press release on 19/10/2012­, the training emphasised police operations which involves basic specialized skills on how to conduct operations in the field such as, police shooting, chasing, arresting and handling of suspects, vehicle interception and check-points.

It is not exactly clear why the Anti-Corruption Commission staff would need to be trained in such matters but fortunately, more appropriate joint-training was included in the operations.

On the second day, for example, the investigators were exposed to a simulation of problem solving involving an organized crime about money laundry activities­. The investigators were asked to work with the Crime Investigation Service performing the entire process of handling a corruption case from gathering and analyzing information for court proceedings.

The physical training continued on the third day including refreshing on some of the basic skills learned earlier.

Commissioner Aderito de Jesus Soares said at the closing ceremony that “Corruption is an organized crime and as such we (CAC and the police) need to be more organised in order to be more effective at handling corruption cases. We need to learn and work together to carry out this important mission of combating corruption.”
Police Commander Monteiro said: “We (CAC and the police) should be proud of what we have done together in terms of joint-training to capacitate our human resources­. This is just the beginning, the police will continue to open our door to provide support and cooperate with CAC in any circumstance as needed.”

More join-operation trainings between CAC and PNTL are expected to take place in the future.

Edited by: Warren L. Wright BA LLB. Source: The East Timor Anti-Corruption Commission Press Release 19 October 2012

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