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23 October 2012

Indonesians and Mozambiquans arrested on suspicion of importing 8 kgs of methamphetamine to Timor-Leste

ETLJB 23 October 2012 - East Timor security officials have arrested several Indonesians and some Mozambiquans because of their alleged involvement in importing drugs through East Timor. Tomorrow, at 12.00pm, the government will hold a press conference about the matter in Dili.

According to information that has been obtained by Tempo Semanal, the suspects who imported almost 8 kilograms of methamphetamine (shabu-shabu) from Africa via Singapore will be handed over to the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency (Badan Nasional Narkotika) tomorrow.

On Saturday, Tempo Semanal was able to take photographs of one of the Indonesians arrested in Dili while picking up the drugs that were transported in baggage from Singapore. More information will be published in the Sunday edition of Tempo Semanal which will issue tomorrow morning.

East Timorese law does not provide for the death penatly or life imprisonment so those who traffic drugs from other countries choose this country as the gate for drug trafficking.

On 20 August last, 4 Indonesians imported 5 kilograms of methamphetamine to East Timor and then went to Kupang (in Indonesia) where they were arrested on 22 August 2012.
Translated by Warren L. Wright from the original Indonesian text* posted by Tempo Semanal on Facebook on today, 23/10/2012. The original Indonesian text follows:

Tempo Semanal - Aparat keamanan Timor Leste menangkap beberapa WNI dan seorg warga negara Mozambique karena terlibat mengimpor drugs lewat TL. Menurut rencana besok jam 12.00 pemerintah akan melakukan pers konference di Dili.

Menurut informasi yg di terima oleh Tempo Semanal bahwa para terduga berhasil mengimpor sabu2 hampir 8 kilo dari afrika lewat Singapor ke Dili itu akan di serahkan kepada pihak BNN besok.

Pada hari sabtu Tempo Semanal berhasil mengabadikan gambar seorang WNI yg ditangkap di Dili sedang mengambil narkoba yg dikirim lewat bagasi dari singapor. berita selengkapnya baca di koran TS edisi mingu ini yg terbit besok pagi.

UU TL tidak memberikan hukum mati atau seumur hidup sehinga para pengedar narkoba dari negara lain memilih negara ini jadi pintu keluar masuk narkoba.

Pada 20 Agusto lalu empat org WNI mengimpor lima Kilo sabu ke TL lalu di berangkatkan ke Kupang dantertangkap di Kupang pada 22/08/2012.

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Photo Credit: Tempo Semanal

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