05 October 2012

East Timor Legal News 02 October 2012

Immigration police detain 14 foreign nationals while 4 Timorese detained in Indonesia- The Timorese Immigration Police have detained 14 foreign nationals who were using social visit visas to work unlawfully in the country.

The Immigration Police Commander, Superintendent Jose da Costa, said that an investigation had been conducted because the foreigners had not been complying with the laws of East Timor.

"All citizens should inform the police if they find any foreigner who is illegally using their visa to work. Please inform us," he said.

He added that many citizens were unemployed and there must be better controls on foreigners who illegally work in the country, reported Radio Televizaun de Timor-Leste today.

Meanwhile, Diario Nacional reported that Indonesian police have detained four East Timor nationals who illegally entered the territory of Indonesia.

Speaking to journalists, the Head of the Timor-Leste Immigration Service, Jose da Costa, said that these four Timorese were currently being detained for investigation purposes.

Mr. Da Costa affirmed that he was told by Oe-cusse Immigration Police officer, Angelo Lafu, that the four were from Oe-cusse and had been detained at Kefemenanu Police Detention Center on August 26, 2012.
Lasama calls for arrest of suspect who stabbed veteran - Following the stabbing of Alin Leak who is a veteran of the resistance struggle in Tasi Tolu during a fight between two groups, Deputy Prime Minister Fernando Lasama Araujo has called on the National Police to arrest the suspect and charge him.

Alin Laek is the acting president of the country's Homage Commission which is working on veteran's affairs.

Mr. Alin Laek explained that, at the time he was stabbed, there were some groups attacking each other and he was trying to separate them, but then he was stabbed.

Speaking to journalists, Deputy PM Lasama said the police should not tolerate the criminals and should capture them for legal proceedings, reported Diario Nacional today.

Timor Post also reported that after visiting the victim, Lasama said "I came here to see Alin Laek who should be respected, but people stoned and assaulted his house and I am calling on PNTL to capture these people and process them according to the existing law in the country."
Police officer who lost weapon should be jailed: MP - Timor Post reported today that Fretilin Member of Parliament David Dias Ximenes condemned the police officer who lost his weapon recently and said that the officer should be detained in a military prison during the investigation process because losing a weapon was a criminal act.

"We don't care who stole the weapon, but the officer who lost it should be jailed even though the weapon has been found," he said.

He added that in the past during the resistance period, if a person lost a weapon, he/she was jailed to await the investigation process.
Foreigner distributes drugs in Terra Santa -  Timor Post reported today that a man of Chinese origin is suspected of distributing drugs in Terra Santa in Comoro, Dili Comoro.

Village chief, Eurico Da Costa de Jesus said that he had reported the case to the Comoro Police Station police.

"Some PNTL officers and I went to the scene where the drugs were being sold but the police have not yet found the suspect who is a Chinese man married to a Timorese woman," he explained.

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