01 October 2012

East Timor Legal News 26 September 2012

Four East Timorese Nationals Detained in Indonesia - Four Timorese nationals are currently being detained at an Indonesian police detention center on suspicion of involvement in illegal transactions at the border.  suspected of being engaged in illegal transaction a the border.

Radio Televizaun de Timor-Leste reported that village chief Nipane Anselmo Kolo said that the four were arrested in Huma Village in the sub district of Nitibe on August 12.

Kolo said as village chief he was concerned about them as they had been detained in Indonesia for about one month but they had not yet been deported to East Timor.

"I am concerned about four Timorese people who are being detained in Indonesian police detention center but have not yet been deported," he said.for illegal transaction in Indonesian
State Secretary for Security to contact Parliament to test PM2 V-1 gun type - Diario Nacional reported today that the State Secretary for Security Francisco da Costa Guterres said he would contact Parliamentary Committee B for Defence and Security to test the proposed PM2 V-1 gun type in Indonesia.

The Government will purchase 75 guns and the National Police (PNTL) will test this type of gun in Jakarta, Indonesia, he said.

Mr. Guterres made the comments after taking part in a meeting which was held at the Dili Convention Center yesterday.

"We will invite the Parliamentary Committee B to take a look closer at the test which will be done by a team from PNTL," he said.
Police must not approach politicians about promotion issues - Timor Post reported today that the President of the  Extraordinary Promotion of the Timorese National Police Unit Isabel Ferreira has declared that police officers were not permitted to provide information to politicians when they had concerns about the promotion process in the police force.

She said they were not allowed to inform politicians because it was not politicians who conducted the process and that they should inform the competent police institutions and the Promotions Commission about any concerns they had.

"I want to inform PNTL members that if there is any concern over the promotion process they are not allowed to give information to politicians, and if we detect any of them telling the politicians, we will sanction them," she said.
Additional budget, SES proposes more than $2 million - Timor Post also reported today that the State Secretariat of Security (SES) has proposed more than US$ 2 million to respond to the last expenditure for Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

The State Secretary for Security, Fransisco Guterres, he had with National Parliament Commission B to discuss the budget that he proposed to cover other expenditures because a lot of the Secretariat's budget had been spent on providing security for the last elections.

"We came here to propose budget increases for the Timorese National Police (PNTL) because we spent a lot of money during the last general elections," he said after meeting with National Parliament's Commission B.

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