11 October 2012

Timor-Leste Legal News 10 October 2012

MP supports Government in court case with ConocoPhillips - Suara Timor Lorosae (STL( reported today that the National Parliament supports the government in the court proceedings with international oil company ConocoPhillips in the court regarding unpaid taxes arising from the company's exploitation of oil reserves in the Timor Sea.

MP Arao Noe said the Parliament supported and defended the Government's position.

"We are sure that the Government will win this case. I believe that the State of Timor-Leste will win," he said.

Mr. Noe called on all of the Timorese people to stand firmly in support of the Government in the case.
Crime levels in Dili have no relation to end of UNMIT - STL today reported comments by Member of Parliament Aderito Hugo da Costa that the increase in the level of crime in the capital city, Dili, has no relation with the forthcoming end of the United Nations Integrated Mission in East Timor.

Mr. da Costa said that he did not want to make any speculations about the increased acts of crime committed in the capital and link it to the UN mission in the country.

He added that the country's security forces, such as the defence force and the national police should move professionally to respond to such a situation.
Police Commissioner disrespects the National Parliament - Timor Post reported statements by a representative of the National Parliament Committee B on Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security that the Police Commissioner, Longinhos Monteiro had disrespected the National Parliament because the Committee had already called upon him twice to appear in Parliament but has failed to respond. 

"We have called the Commander twice to appear in the National Parliament to explain the police rank promotion process as well as the additional budget that the police proposes but he does not appear. That means that he does not respect the Parliament," President of Committee B, Lurdes Maria said.

Mrs. Lurdes further said that the Committee had also called on the President of Police Rank Promotion Commission, the State Secretary for Security as well as the police commissioner.
Those who create instability when UN leaves are enemies of the country - Timor Post reported today comments by the Defence Force Commander Lere Anan Timur that people who wanted to create instability in the country after the UN mission has ended will be considered as enemies of the country.

"People who want to create instability do not want independence and if they do not want independence then that means that they are enemies of the country," he said.

Commander Lere added that when UNMIT left the country all Timorese should maintain peace and stability.

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Armed Forces Chief says Those Who Provoke the Armed Forces are the Nation's Enemies
New police cadets have no right to carry guns - Radio Timor-Leste reported that the State Secretary for Security (SES) Francisco Guterres said new police cadets have no right yet to carry weapons and wear the police uniform.

Mr. Guterres said a police cadet had an obligation to follow training and field practice in police units for one year.

He added the new police cadets would be provided with uniforms and weapons when they officially had been sworn in as active members, adding that the total PNTL members would be increased to 3000 officers and the Government was planning to recruit more new police officers next year.

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