22 November 2013

East Timor Police Identify 3 Illegal Groups Creating Instability

ETLJB 22/11/2013 - The East Timor National Police have identified three groups believed to be engaged in criminal activities that have been creating fear and social instability in the country. The groups have been named as Kibata, Monster and Dewa Mabuk who are operating in the nation's capital, Dili.

The police Operational Commander, Superintendent Armando Monteiro, called for the contribution of the people by informing the police if they are aware of these illegal groups within the community.

Monteiro said that based on the results of investigations into these groups, they are being paid by certain people in the capital of Dili.

Meanwhile, Timor-Post has reported that some police officers are believed to be involved with organised criminal groups.

The people’s representatives in the Parliament suspect some of the National Police (PNTL) members of taking oaths with organised groups in the capital of Dili and help facilitate them if they face difficult situation.

"Some members of PNTL support the organised groups. When the groups commit acts of crime, the police will not arrest them as they have sworn oaths with these organised groups", said MP Jacinto Vicente.

MP Roke said that the police commander should better monitor his officers as such attitude would negatively impact peace and stability in the country. Source: Radio Timor-Leste 1/10/2013; Timor-Post 1/10/2013 via TLMDC Edited by Warren L. Wright

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