11 November 2013

Meeting of the Council of Ministers of November 5th, 2013

ETLJB 11 November 2013 - The Government met on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013, in the Council of Ministers’ meeting room, at the Government’s Palace, in Dili, and approved:

1. First Amendment to the Decree-Law approving the Legal Regime of Public-Private Partnerships

The Decree-Law n.42/2012, from September 7th, established a legislative framework in which was defined the legal regime of the agreements made between the State and private entities (public-private partnerships).

Through these agreements, private partners have to ensure the construction and execution of infrastructural projects. Nevertheless, the design, operation and maintenance of infrastructures may also be object of procurement through the modality of public-private partnerships, allowing efficiency gains in service delivery.

Thus, this diploma establishes a framework that allows a public sector entity and a private partner to be part on a public-private partnership agreement, with the aim of performing one or several of the activities on design, construction, operation and maintenance of public infrastructures as well as for the service provision attached to them.

2. Decree-Law on the Commission for Interministerial Coordination and the Interministerial Technical Work Group for Local Development

The Commission for Interministerial Coordination and the Interministerial Technical Work Group for Local Development were established in 2012, aiming to coordinate and conciliate the different actions on local development, namely the District Integrated Development Plan (DIDP) and the National Program for the Development of Sucos (NPDS).

Within the framework for local development that the Government has been encouraging in the last years, it is, thus, important, either at a political or a technical level, to maintain and regulate the statute of those commissions to ensure continuity on the work developed.

3. Loan with ADB for the development of the Road Network Sector Upgrading Project
The Council of Ministers approved the contraction of a loan with the Asian Development Bank to develop the Road Network Sector Upgrading Project, as foreseen in the Program of the 5th Constitutional Government and the Strategic Development Plan. Specifically, this multiyear project comprises the construction of the road linking Manatuto to Natarbora and the access route to Laclubar; the improvement of about 30 kilometers of other national roads; the design of 170 kilometers of national roads (Baucau-Lospalos, Baucau-Viqueque); and support in preparation and implementation of a Plan of Action for Road Safety. This project shall begin next year and should be finished in 2017.

4. Decree-Law approving the Organic Law of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

According to the Organic of the V Constitutional Government, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is responsible for the design, implementation, coordination and evaluation of the policy, defined and approved by the Council of Ministers, for the areas of agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries.

Aiming to give a response to the great options of the policy, established in accordance with the Strategic Development Plan, this diploma reformulates the structure and the due competencies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, giving it the means that allow increasing equity, effectiveness and efficiency of its services, in order to achieve food safety and generate national economic growth.

5. Tasi Mane Projects

After an analysis of the results of calls for projects related with the South Coast (Tasi Mane), presented to the National Procurement Commission (NPC), the Council of Ministers approved the recommendation of NPC, of awarding the contract for the construction of the Airport of Suai to the firm PT.Washkita Karya.

The Council of Ministers also assessed the result of the pre-qualifying evaluation for the design and construction of the Logistical Support Base of Suai, having approved the application of five companies from the 15 competing for this project. The selected companies were: Essar Projects (India) Ltd, Afcons Infrastructure Ltd., HDEC-HEC-AMCO consortium, BAM International-Van Oord Dredging-Marine Contractor-Wijaya Karya consortium and the Construtora San Jose S.A.-Tecnicas Reunidas S.A. consortium.

The Council of Ministers also analysed:

1. Construction project of a luxury hotel in Dili

The company Permata Kusuma Jaya, Lda presented to the Government a construction project of a five-star hotel in Kaikoli, with 26 floors. This ambitious project aims to place Timor-Leste as a possibility for Tourism and Business, in the region, and will provide employment to local population. Source: Government of East Timor 05/11/2013Edited by Warren L. Wright

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