23 November 2013

Violence increasing in East Timor, says conflict-monitoring NGO

ETLJB 23 November 2013 - According to the latest report from the East Timorese conflict monitoring civil society organisation, Belun, "conflict monitoring for July and August 2013 showed an increase in reported incidents in comparison to the previous two months."

Belun notes in particular that "[i]n July, the transportation of a deceased member of the Kera Sakti group back from Indonesia resulted in a violent confrontation with PSHT in Gariuai (Baucau) and that this incident partly contributed to Government Resolution no.16/2013 on the Termination of Martial Arts Groups.

Much of the youth-related violence is concentrated in Dili and Belun reports that "these incidents demonstrated the relative ease at which verbal provocation can escalate into physical violence, with stone throwing and knives being the most common form of weaponry."

Belun aslo noted a link between alcohol consumption and violence and that its monitoring revealed several crimes in which the perpetrators were unable to be identified causing panic and unease in the community. Source: Belun Situation Review July-August 2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

Note: Belun is a national Timor-Leste NGO committed to conflict-prevention and building the capacity of communities runs the Early Warning, Early Response program in Timor-Leste. It was established in 2004 to bolster civil society in Timor-Leste and reduce underlying tensions that may lead to violent conflict. Belun's mandate is to serve communities within Timor-Leste, develop the organizational capacity of the partners, reduce tensions and prevent conflict in Timor-Leste. BELUN means “friend” or “partner” in the national language, Tetum. (Source: Belun's Facebook page accessed 23/11/2013)

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