29 November 2013

Stepfather sentenced to 14 years jail for sex crime against 12-year-old step daughter

ETLJB 29 November 2013 - The Dili District Court has sentenced a man to 14 years imprisonment for having sexual intercourse with his 12 year old adoptive daughter.

The Public Prosecutor presented facts to the Court that on 10 June 2012, in the sub-village of Tuhilo Leten, Fahilebo village, in the District of Liquisa, the defendant had sexual intercourse with the victim.

The incident took place while the child’s mother attended an event in Fatumeta, a neighbouring village.

In her deposition the child told the court she struggled against the perpetrator but was gagged and threatened to death if she tried to shout. She was also told not to tell anything to her mother.

After the incident the child told her mother who then went the police to report the case. Source: The Dili Weekly 27/11/2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

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