07 July 2018

Judicial System Monitoring Program and East Timor Court Reports

East Timor Law & Justice Bulletin East Timor Court Reports by JSMP Warren Leslie Wright
East Timor Court Reports - The East Timor Judicial System Monitoring Program is the peak law and justice civil society organisation in East Timor.

JSMP has recently launched a new web site.

Here is the URL:


JSMP has always done magnificent works in the justice sector of East Timor since at least 2000 when I first arrived in the country; including the production of the only accessible source of court proceedings reports.

This source of information on the Courts of East Timor is an invaluable resource and the new web site contains an entire library of these reports, including English language translations.

The reports are very detailed with facts, the judicial process and the Courts' decisions in a wide range of cases in the Dili, Suai, Oekusse and Baucau District Courts.

I highly commend JSMP and all of the citizens of East Timor undertaking this critically important role.

ETLJB will no longer publish the court reports but will republish the JSMP web site URLs to the latest reports as they are released.

I take this opportunity to express my congratulations and solidarity with JSMP and to pledge my ongoing support.

I urge donors to contribute generously to JSMP.

Warren L. Wright BA LLB
Wright Law & Justice

East Timor Law & Justice Bulletin

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