06 August 2018

ETLJB Online for a Decade ~2 million page views

The East Timor Law & Justice Bulletin has now been online, free and open to all, for a whole decade.

Combined with its predecessor, the East Timor Legal Information Service, whose archives are now in East Timor Legal News 2006-2008, this totals 12 years online.

Since Google & Facebook statistics have been compiled on ETLJB, the following are the salient statistics:

Facebook LIKES: 1,400

Facebook Followers: 2,384

ETLJB Posts: > 4,500

ETLJB Page Views: > 1,841,000

Citations: Numerous citations of ETLJB in academic works

Related archival material on law and order in East Timor

United Nations Police in East Timor Security Briefings 2006 - 2008

ETLJB is not funded by any government of political agency. It is independent and voluntary, generates no economic benefit and has no political agenda.

Warren L. Wright
Wright Law & Justice

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