27 November 2016

East Timor 2017 General State Budget unanimously approved in generality

2017 General State Budget unanimously approved in generality

Minister of State and of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and

Official Spokesperson for the Government of Timor-Leste

 Dili, November 26th, 2016

2017 General State Budget unanimously approved in generality

On the night of the 25th of November the National Parliament unanimously approved the proposed 2017 General State Budget in generality. Sixty-two votes were cast in favor with none against and no abstentions.

The Parliament will now turn to consider the budget in detail and will discuss and vote on each article of the draft law before a final vote expected to be taken on or before the 14th of December.

In his speech closing the three-day plenary Minister of State Agio Pereira thanked the members of National Parliament for the “constructive way in which the General State Budget was debated in generality” noting that “the comments, suggestions and constructive criticisms have enriched this debate and will contribute to a better implementation of the Budget that is not of the Government, nor of the Parliament, but of and for all Timorese people.”

During the plenary debate the Parliament’s Commission C, tasked to analyze Public Finance, presented its report. After presenting questions and debating issues, Members tabled amendments to the law. By agreement of the Members of Parliament these amendments are now to be considered by the Eventual Commission for the Collection and Analysis of Proposals for Amendments to the Draft Law.

During the plenary debate, the Government reaffirmed that the Budget has been designed to assist the transition towards a more diversified economy, strengthening infrastructure essential for long-term growth. Coupled with the implementation of the Government’s program of reforms, these measures aim to support the creation of conditions to accelerate private sector activity and attract business investment.

Minister of State Agio Pereira in closing said “the commitment of the Sixth Constitutional Government is to implement the budget we are submitting today for the consideration of the various Members, with a total sense of responsibility in the implementation of the projects and programs that contribute to the sustainable development of the country and improve the quality of life of our citizens.”ENDS

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