26 February 2011

Civil society waits for the final process of the Maternus Bere case

Diario Nacional, February 25, 2011 language source: Tetun - Timorese civil society continues waiting for the final outcome of the case of ex-militia commander, Meternus Bere, who was released by the Timorese Government on August 31, 2009 from the jail.

The Directors for HAK [Human Rights Association] and the Judicial System Monitoring Program (JSMP) have urged the Public Prosecution to process the case legally, so that people can learn the reason for releasing Bere.

"HAK continues to urge the Public Prosecution to launch an investigation into the case for legal proceedings, so that justice can be righted," HAK Director, Rui Viana said.

Viana called on other state institutions of the country to support this process, as political considerations have impacted this outcome.

The Director of JSMP, Luis Oliveira, said the Public Prosecution should investigate this case as soon as possible, so that the final process of the case could be realised.

"So far the public have yet to learn the reason for releasing Bere from the jail; therefore a profound investigation into the case is needed," Oliveira said.

Bere was freed by the Ministry of Justice on August 31, 2009 based on the order of President Jose Ramos Horta.

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"...Judge Claudio Ximenes and Judge Maria Natercia herself have both failed to respond to the accusation that it was the Acting President of the Court of Appeal who on 30 August 2009 suggested to the Executive arm of government a legal manoeuvre for the immediate removal of Maternus Bere from Becora Prison - so he could escape justice. Public have found the judges' silence to be deafening!..."