26 February 2011

Many cases are pending due to slow judicial process

Timornewsline, February 24, 2011 - Dili, Timornewsline,- MP Elijario Pereira from Fretilin, said that the public prosecutor Ana Pessoa had promised to reduce numbers of pending cases in the court, but the reality shows that many cases are still pending and have increased due to the slow judicial process.

MP Pereira said that families of the victims had called on the competent institutions, particularly the court, to process the cases that are still pending.

"I am calling on the Public Prosecutor to process immediately those pending cases in the court, because our people need the justice system to be run and implemented well in the country," Pereira said.

MP Domingos Maria Sarmento from Fretilin, urged Public Prosecutor to process quickly those pending cases as soon  as possible.

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