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10 February 2011

JSMP Report on the 11 Feb 2008 Shooting of President Horta

JSMP Report on the 11 Feb 2008 Shooting of President Horta                                                            


Anonymous said...

Horta was never committed to a fair trial for the defendants charged with trying to kill him. Horta's conduct before, during and subsequent to the trial demonstrates his contempt for the criminal justice system in Timor-Leste.

Horta's conduct in the lead up and during the trial was in contempt of the Dili District Court, and he should have been sent to prison for that offence.

Horta and Gusmao both consider themselves to be above the law.

Anonymous said...

Of course the PM and the Pres are above the law. So are Ministers and all high state officials - and their mates. The law only applies to the common people in this coffee cup democracy - just like in the old pre-colonial and colonial days. And if the application of the law to the common people does not suit the Pres, then he just pardons them of their dreadful crimes. Duh!!