08 February 2011

TNI and UPF hold joint patrol at the border

Timor Post, February 7, 2011 language source: Tetun - The Timorese Border Police Unit (UPF) and the Indonesian National Army (TNI) have held a joint patrol at the border to strengthen security.

Oe-cusse district UPF Commander, Arlindo Coffi, said the joint patrol was held near the Naktuka border and that the patrols are aimed at strengthening security in the border area and because it is easier for the security forces to identify people who are illegally crossing the border.

Commander Coffi confirmed that after the joint patrol, the security situation at the border is normal and said there were no illegal activities found during the joint patrol. "I am pleased because the situation in Naktuka is now normal, as we held a joint patrol with the TNI soldiers," Coffi said.

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