28 February 2011

Parliament should not treat people differently: JSMP and HAK

Diario Nacional, February 16, 2011 language source: Tetun - Civil Society through the country's Human Rights Association (HAK) and Judicial System Monitoring Program (JMP) have called on  the Timorese Parliament not to treat the victims differently, as it has only prioritised the issue of the country's veterans.

Executive Director for HAK Rui Viana said they were concerned about the Parliament's decision on suspending the debate on reparations and a memorial institutions for the victims.

"We are sad, as this decision has indirectly suspended the debate on reparations and memorial institutions for the victims of war," Viana said.

Director for JSMP, Luis Oliveira said the Government needs to pay attention to the victims through the approval of the law for reparations.

"We are calling on the Parliament to debate and approve as soon as possible the referred law, so that the victims could help improve their lives," Oliveira said.

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