03 February 2011

Solidarity with the Australian people as monster cyclone Yasi strikes Pacific coast

Tropical Cyclone Yasi
03/02/2011 ELJB expresses deepest solidarity with the Australian people as yet another catastrophic weather event hits the State of Queensland. Entire towns have been destroyed as the massive tropical cyclone named Yasi swept in from the Pacific Ocean with unprecedented force last night eastern Australian time.

Huge swathes of agriculture and native vegetation have been stripped bare and devastated as winds of up to 300kms bore down on the far north Queensland region ushering in another phase of fear and misery to the people of Australia already battered by record floods.

So far, there have been no reports of deaths or injuries but property destruction has been severe and widespread and some remote communities can still not be communicated with as power and telecommunications insfrastructure were damaged.

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