05 March 2011

Deputy Prime Minister Guterres: "I am innocent, not corrupt"

Suara Timor Lorosa'e, March 3, 2011 language source: Tetun - Deputy Prime Minister for Social Issues, Jose Luis Guterres, said he was innocent, because he did not engage in corruption.

"I am coming to the court with a high conscience as I am innocent," Deputy Guterres said.

He added that he has no intention to engage in corruption to benefit himself.

Guterres made the statement after attending the first trial process in the Dili District Court, because he was accused by the Public Prosecution of engaging in crimes such as abuse of power and corruption.

The trial process for Deputy PM Guterres was lead by panel judge Joao Ribeiro and two other members Joao Velgal and international judge and Alvaro Reitas.

They added that they could not continue the trial process or the reading of accusations from the Prosecutor General made against Guterres due to the fact that the political immunity of Guterres has not yet been removed by the Parliament.

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