06 March 2011

Police have identified person who stabbed medical doctor from Cuba

Timor Post, March 2, 2011 language source: Tetun - Manatuto District Police Commander Superintendent Assistant Sebastiao Alves Quintao confirmed that they have identified the person who is suspected of stabbing the medical doctor, Gizela Hernandes, from Cuba.

Quintao said there were many people who were believed to be involved in this case, but only one of them, with the initials EHS, who was definitely suspected of assaulting Hernandes and therefore the police are monitoring him.

“This is a criminal case, and therefore the process for this case is continuing.” Quintao said. He added that the police decided to monitor the movements of the suspect due to the delay of the authorisation letter from the court to detain him, and to control him so as to keep him from organising people from doing undesirable things in the future.

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