06 March 2011

PNTL Commander to take necessary action against officer

 Televizaun Timor-Leste, February 26, 2011 language source: Tetun - Deputy Timorese Police Commander, Commissioner Afonso de Jesus, said they will take the necessary action against an officer of  the Immigration Department Police who is suspected of maltreating his wife.

De Jesus said the Judicial Department of PNTL received an official letter from the State Secretary for Security, asking for an investigation into the matter.

"I have confirmed with the head of the Judicial Department. They will ask the police to investigate this case. We want to know the truth, because the suspect is an officer of the Immigration Department Police, he is aware of the law, but why did he commit domestic violence.

This case can be viewed from two sides, as an individual and as police officer who committed an act of violence.

People always link this case to the institution and it has affected the image of PNTL. Therefore we have to investigate this case profoundly," de Jesus said. De Jesus added that any violent actions committed by anyone, should be investigated and be processed legally, to find the truth.

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