06 March 2011

Luta Hamutuk calls on Government to prevent prostitution

Timornewsline, March 1, 2011 - Dili, Timornewsline,- Luta Hamutuk's (LH) Director, Mericio Akara, has called on the Government to produce a strong system in order to regulate and ban people from engaging in immoral activities like prostitution in the country.

Akara said the system being set up within the immigration department was not strong enough to control foreigners who use tourist visas.

"Our state should create a good system within the immigration department, so that the immigration department's officers could control those people who go in and out of the country," Akara said.

Akara stressed prostitution is an immoral act that contradicts with Timorese culture and norms including the doctrines of the Catholic Church; therefore it was important for the Government to detain the companies who engage in human trafficking.

MP Mateus de Jesus, said that it was important for Immigration Department officials to check the visas of foreigners carefully who come in and out of the country, as it is part of preventing them from engaging in prostitution in the country. "I am calling for the government to encourage the immigration police to hold inspections of the foreigners that enter and leave the country," MP de Jesus said

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