14 June 2013

East Timor Traffic Accident Mortality Rate Second Highest in Asia

ETLJB 14 June 2013 - A report published by The Dili Weekly states that, based on World Health Organization statistics, in 2011 Timor-Leste had the second highest traffic mortality rate after Thailand, as a lot of people do not understand traffic laws.

World Health Organization Representative in Timor-Leste Doctor Jorge Mario Luna said Timor-Leste needs to create a plan involves all sectors to respond to the situation because traffic laws already exist.

Because in reality the community, especially a lot of drivers, do not understand the Traffic Code Law so implementation is also delayed.

He said relevant health, education and infrastructure institutions need to work together to reduce the mortality rate in each nation.

“To accomplish all of this work we need a plan and good coordination, including a sufficient budget,” said Dr Luna at the global road security launch at Delta Nova Hall in Dili.

On the other hand, National Director of Transport and Land (DNTT) Silvestre Basilio acknowledged the implementation of the Traffic Code Law is not as good as it could be because of the lack of awareness raising about the law in the community due to the lack of human resources and budget.

“I think the high mortality rate in Timor-Leste after Thailand is a big challenge for Timor-Leste, especially for the relevant institutions to look into this situation,” said Director Basilio.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health Sergio Lobo said he was concerned about the number and that’s why he said the health sector is ready to collaborate with other institutions to respond to and prevent traffic accidents in the country.

“The capacity to respond adequately to the problem in the emergency room is still very limited, that’s why our doctors need to develop, as this is a big concern for all of us,” said Minister Lobo.

According to the Information System of Timor-Leste 1272 people died from traffic accidents in 2010, 1000 in 2011 and 600 in 2012.  Source: The Dili Weekly 10 June 2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

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