07 June 2013

Parliament orders review of excessive force by police after reported violent attack on MP

ETLJB 7 June 2013 The National Parliament of East Timor has voted in favour of ordering a review of excessive use of force within the national police force after a violent attack on a youth and member of Parliament last Friday.

Fretilin MP Joaquim dos Santos announced the move yesterday after receiving numerous conflicting responses from the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) over the case of four policemen attacking a youth from Oecusse and MP Manuel de Castro.

“I think we need a resolution to help the investigation process run properly because we have a number of concerns about PNTL including lack of professionalism, poor transparency in its promotion system and uniform,”

“My preoccupation is the secretary state for security who has assumed his function for two terms but in that time there has been no change in the police institution,” he said.
Source: TLMDC translating a report in Independente June 6, 2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

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Anonymous said...

"After alleged violent attack on MP". An investigation is to determine 1. whether there was in fact a use of force; 2. who perpetrated that use of force; 3. was that use of force justified; and 4. was that use of force excessive even if justified. It is not correct to repeat the headline from local media which pre-supposes all of these points and which presumes the accuracy of the MP's story without facts established (local news story used the MP as primary source). All, and investigation definitely necessary.