14 June 2013

Four Dead in Kulu-Hun Motorbike Accident

ETLJB  14 June 2013 - According to a report in The Dili Weekly, four people died and two were injured in a motorbike accident in Kulu-Hun last month, after two motorbikes crashed into each other.

The Commander of the National Traffic Police, Chief Inspector Antonio L.C. Soares said the accident occurred on a bridge in Kula-Hun on April 16 when two motorbikes were coming from opposite directions and they crashed on the bridge.

“Four people died and two were injured,” said the Traffic Police Commander recently in Kaikoli, Dili.

He added three people were on each motorbike and they were not wearing helmets, they did not hold drivers licences and there were no number plates.

“According to information from the community they smelt of wine, but we cannot condemn them because we have no device for testing this,” said Commander Soares.

He also said it was difficult to process the case because the two drivers died, and in regards to the two motorbikes they are currently held with the Traffic Police in Dili for the family to pick up but they must hand them over to the district court.

“That’s why the case is registered at the Dili District Court.”

President of Parliamentary Commission B (for security, defence and foreign affairs), MP Maria Lurdes Bessa said this was a serious accident.

“Our nation has rules, and for a person to ride a motorbike there are rules, that’s why I think our Traffic Police need to hold a permanent patrol,” said the President of Commission B.

The MP also appealed for parents to pay attention to their children, especially for teenagers, so they can protect themselves.

“It’s not negative thinking but young people want to try everything, however this can be risky for their lives,” she said. Source: The Dili Weekly 6/06/2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright 

East Timor Traffic Accident Mortality Rate Second Highest in Asia

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