29 June 2013

Police weapons procurement failed to adhere to tender process as MP warns against purchasing arms from Indonesia

ETLJB 29 June 2013 - The President of East Timor's Parliamentary Commission B on Security and Defence issues Maria Lourdes Bessa is reported to have said that the process of purchasing weapons for the police force did not follow a proper tender process.

According to an English translation of a report in daily newspaper Suara Timor Lorosae on 27 June published by the Timor Leste Media Development Centre, the State Secretary for Security (SES) Fransisco Guterres has now sent a team to take a look closer at the process of purchasing weapons for the Timorese National Police (PNTL) that became the subject of debate last year.

“The team was approved by the Council of Ministers to investigate the process of the purchase because the weapons were purchased before being approved by the Council of Ministers,” Fransisco told journalists in Kolmera, Dili on 26 June.

Parliamentary Commission B President Maria Lourdes Bessa is also reported to have said that the Government should not purchase the National Police (PNTL)’s weapons from Indonesia as it was dangerous.

A report by Diario Nacional on 26 June stated that according to Mrs. Bessa, if the weapons were purchased from Indonesia as our neighbouring country, then they would be threats for the country’s security.

Bessa stressed that the Government should not purchase the weapons from Indonesia as these two countries were on the land border.

MP David Diaz Ximenes from the opposition Fretilin Party said the weapons had been purchased from Indonesia’s PT PINDAD Company, but the numbers were unknown. 

Sources: STL 27/06/2014; Diario Nacional 26/06/2013; TLMDC. Edited by Warren L. Wright

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