22 June 2013

Police call on CPD-RDTL to cooperate and plan deployment in conflict areas in the capital

ETLJB 22 June 2013 - Bobonaro and Covalima Police Commanders have called on CPD-RDTL members to cooperate with the Government to hold cooperative activities which could help support the country’s development.

The commanders made the comments during a meeting with CPD-RDTL members and the minister for environment and commerce recently, according to a report by Televizaaun Timor-Leste on June 20, 2013.

The Government is planning to buy all CPD-RDTL’s cooperative products to be used for distributing to communities who are facing food shortcomings.

In other police new, Dili District Police station is planning to deploy 30 of its police officers in potential areas in the country’s capital.

According to a report on Televizaun Timor-Leste on 20 June 2013, the Dili Police Station Police Commander, Pedro made the comments during a meeting with all village chiefs and community leaders on Wednesday (19/6) in Dili.

Commander Belo confirmed that 24 of the police officers would be placed in villages and another six would be assigned at potential conflict schools.

These police officers are going to be placed next week as communities are concerned about conflict involving young groups and school students.

And one of those conflict areas is Comoro village­­­­­, according to a report by Radio Timor-Leste on the same day.

The Timorese National Police (PNTL) Commander for Dili District, Superintendent Pedro Belo, said Comoro village is an area of conflict as many times more violence happens in the area than on other suburbs in Dili.

Commander Belo said Dili District Police had identified the potential conflict places in the Capital of Dili and said it would assign its members in the area to prevent conflict that might happen in the future.

“Most of the conflict that happens in the capital of Dili is in Comoro Village. Therefore the police commands will assign its members to live with communities,” Belo said.

He added the PNTL members that would live with the communities would resolve problems that arise in the villages. Sources: Televizaaun Timor-Leste 20 June 2013, Radio Timor-Leste 20 June 2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

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