22 June 2013

Timor-Leste President meets with Commission B of the National Parliament

ETLJB 22 June 2013 - Dili, 12 June 2013 – H. E. the President of the Republic, Taur MatanRuak, on Tuesday, received in audience at Nicolau Lobato Presidential Palace, Dili, the President of the Commission B of the National Parliament (NP), Maria de Lurdes Sousa Bessa, who was accompanied by members of the commission.

The objective of the meeting wasto discuss, among other matters, relevant issues related to foreign affairs, defence and security.

After the meeting, the Chairman of Commission B, Maria de Lurdes Sousa Bessa explained: “We came to talk to Mr President about the security situation in the country and about some recent incidents, such as the case where a member of the police assaulted a deputy. We also talked about the statements of the Dili District PNTL Commander, Pedro Belo, and the trial of the PNTL members accused of having shot a young man in Hera last year.”

According to the Chairman of Commission B, the intention was to inform the Head of State about these issues in order to examine them together and gather ideas with a view to tackling these problems and preventing them from happening again.

Maria de Lurdes Sousa Bessa added: “The President agreed with the Commission B that these serious and urgent problems must be resolved. We all agree that we have to pay close attention to the PNTL so that it fulfils its mission of maintaining law and order.” Source: President of the Republic Press Release Edited by Warren L. Wright

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