20 June 2013

Timor Leste Law bans child labour

ETLJB 20 June 2013 - The State Secretary for Professional Training and Employment (SEFOPE), Elidio Ximenes said the country’s law banned children from working and said they had rights to get access to education and proper health.

According to Televizaun Timor Leste on 13 June 2013, Ximenes made the comments in relation to the commemoration of the International Day against Child Labor.

He confirmed that in 2004 the Government of Timor-Leste allocated some of the state budget for combating child labor in the country.

“As we have seen that some of the children are selling eggs on the road and helping parents to collect sands. This is actually banned by the law of the country,” he said. Source: TLMDC Edited by Warren L. Wright

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