20 June 2013

Police and military must respect rule of law, says Lere

ETLJB 20 June 2013 - The Timor-Leste Defence Force Chief, Major General Lere Anan Timur, has called on the defence and security institutions in the country to obey by the country’s rule of law following a spate of cases involving police personnel taking the rule into their own hands.

Lere singled out the case of the alleged killing by two policemen of university student, Armindo Pereira, in Hera last year, saying that he strongly advised the Police Superintendent Chief, Pedro Belo, to respect the decision of the court.

Pedro continues to deny his police had any involvement in the killing despite a 12-25 year sentence being handed down from the court.

“Each of us have our own in situation and our work. Truly the police should not go against politics. Also, the military must not be involved in politics.”

“If the politicians criticises me I have to stay silent and listen; looking for a way to find a solution,” he told Independente. Source: Independente, June 13, 2013 TLMDC Edited by Warren L. Wright

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