15 December 2011

Government and Parliament strongly condemn UN Staff who killed three Timorese in traffic collisions

East Timor Legal News15/12/2011 Source: Diario Nacional 13/12/2011  - Government officials and Members of the National Parliamenta strongly condemned the attitude of the United Nations personnel in the country who killed three Timorese last week in the traffic accidents.

Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Roberto Carlos said that it was important for the competent institutions to investigate this case.

"The United Nations have their own rules. I used to be a staff member of the UN for 11 years in Africa. They have to be disciplined in using the UN assets and they have to abide by the rules. I do not know why they [UN Staff] drive UN's car and kill people recklessly therefore we have to investigate this case," Carlos said.

He also called on the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) leaders to evaluate their staff attitude and should send back their staff who get drunk and cause undesirable things to happen.

Deputy President of Parliament Maria Paixao said UNMIT Chief Ameerah Haq had recently said the competent institution was investigating the traffic accident involving UN staff, adding that the staff members who killed the Timorese should be punished based on Timorese law, if they were found guilty.

"We know that the Special Representative of the United Nations Ameerah Haq made a declaration saying that the investigation into this case is going on and if it is found that the UN Staff are guilty then they should be sanctioned based on our law," she said.

MP Cornelio L-7 Gama from UNDERTIM said it was important to hand over this case to the United Nations to process because they already killed many people.

Spokesperson for UNMIT Carlos Araujo said that UNMIT was cooperating with the Timorese National Police (PNTL) to investigate this case.

"In order to take the necessary action against UN staffs who are involved in these cases. there will be an investigation" Araujo said.
UN to investigate traffic accidents involving its staff Source: Timor Post 13/12/2011 language source: Tetun - The UN Secretary-General's Special Representative to Timor-Leste, Ameerah Haq, on behalf of the UN extended condolences to the families of the victimes who died in traffic collisions involving her staff.

Haq made the condolences during the ceremony for the commemoration of the human rights day in the House of the Parliament yesterday.

She said the UN would fully support the process of investigation into the cases in order to explain the case. The UN also investigated the cases according to the procedures to take the necessary action for reducingthe  number of accidents, she said.

"This officers is the UN personnel who are involved in the collisions and will be sacked from the UN. The court in his own country will also legally process him based on the responsibility which the UN asks for," She said.

The MPs in the Parliament also called on the international entities who were working in Timor-Leste to respect human rights.
UN promises to support outcome of PNTL probe into road deaths Source: Independente 13/12/2011 - UNMIT boss Ameerah Haq said her office would support the result of the police investigations into accidents involving UN vehicles that led to the deaths of three civilians last week.

Last Friday night, a Timorese national Pedro da Cruz and Indonesian citizen Patrisius Bau died after their motorbike was hit by a UN vehicle.

It is alleged that the driver of the UN car was drunk at the time the accident, which occurred about 1 am in Mataduro.

Five days yearlier, on December 4, six-year old Jose Maia was killed and his father and sister were injured after a UN police car hit the motorbike they were travelling on in Aitarak Laran, Dili.

Ms. Haq said the police were investigating the accident and the UN would support the outcome of the investigation.

The UN regretted the two incidents, she said, and if the investigation found the UN staff involved had committed crimes they would be disciplined by her office.
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