13 December 2011

One hundred prisoners to be given pardon, says Justice Minister Lobato

East Timor Legal News 13/12/2011 Source: Suara Timor Lorosae 12/12/2011- The East Timor Minister for Justice, Mrs. Lucia Lobato, said she had received instructions from President Jose Ramos Horta to prepare a list of 100 prisoners who were possible candidates for receive pardons for their crimes.

"I will comply with the instruction given and I have contacted the Director of Prison and requested he prepare the list of the prisoners. The list will be sent to the office of the Prime Minister before being forwarded on to the president," she said.

Lobato made the comments after participating in the ceremony for commemorating human rights day in Liquisa on Saturday (10/12).

"The granting of pardons to prisoners is the prerogative right of the President of the Republic," she said.

President Horta to give pardon to 100 prisoners Source: Timor Post 12/12/2011 language source: Tetun - Justice Minister Lucia Lobato confirmed that she has received an official letter from the office of the President of Republic asking the Justice Ministry to provide the names of prisoners for President Horta as he has planned to grant pardons to 100 prisoners in Becora and Gleno prisons.

"I received an official letter from the office of the President of Republic and he has asked us to send the names of prisoners as they will receive pardons on this coming Christmas day," Lobato said.

Minister Lobato said that giving pardons to prisoners raises polemic in the country so far, but unfortunately the Government could not do anything, because the president has prerogative power to give pardons to the prisoners.

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