04 December 2011

Council of Ministers Extraordinary Meeting from November 19, 2011

East Timor Legal News 04/11/2011 Source: Government of East Timor Press Release - The Council of Ministers met this Saturday, November 19, 2011, in the Council of Ministers Meeting Room, at the Government Palace, in Díli and approved:

1. Decree-Law that approves the Statutes for the University Teaching Career

The IV Constitutional Government, sensitive to the need for quality Timorese staff in higher education, who may encourage the Nation’s economic, social and cultural development, considers it important to implement a legal framework to regulate the higher education institutions and the special teaching and research career in these institutions.

Thus, this law establishes the rights and obligations of those who wish to pursue a teaching career, offsetting the value of their work in accordance with the dedication and effort on behalf of the University.

2. Proposal of Law on Legislative Authorization in Environmental Matters

Timor-Leste, as a coastal and island State, has a great environmental and marine diversity, with flora and fauna of its own that must be protected and conserved by the State.

The solutions proposed in this diploma took into consideration the general principles of environmental protection, the various international instruments that have been ratified by Timor-Leste and the particular economic, socio-cultural and insularity circumstances of the country.

This Proposal of Authorization Law was prepared with the technical support of the United Nations Program for Environment and relied on a public consultation process carried through with the relevant government and nongovernmental organizations.

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