08 December 2011

Police identify three suspects in double hotel homicide in Dili

East Timor Legal News Source: Televizaun Timor-Leste 05/12/2011 - The Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) Commander Superintendent Calisto Gonzaga has confirmed that the poilce have identified three people who were believed to have been involved in murdering the manager of the Garden Beach Hotel and his wife.

The Superintendent said that they had handed the dead bodies back to their families.

“We have compiled the data and therefore we need to analyse it in order to know whether the murder involved other people or not but we found that there were some people believed to have committed the murder. Our intelligences are continuing to search for information and we found there are three people who are accused of committing the murders,” Gonzaga said.

He added that they also found other people’s foot prints at the crime scene therefore it was believed that the victims were killed by other people.

Gonzaga said that they had also questioned eight witnesses to get information regarding the murder case.
Maubere Security officers will be investigated for second time Source: Timor Post 05/12/2011 - The manager of  Maubere Security, Sebastiao Marques Soares, has confirmed that their security officers who provided security at the Garden Beach Hotel would be investigated for the second time regarding the recent murder of the hotel’s manager and his spouse.

“The investigation process for the first time was done. We sent four of our staff to the police office in order to give their information to the police that will help uncover the assailant who killed the manager of the Garden Beach Hotel and his wife,” he said.

Soares rejected rumours that the recent murder at Garden Beach Hotel involved Maubere Security staffs.

He explained that their staff’s duty was to control or maintain security outside the hotel and they were not allowed to get access into the Hotel.

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